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You'll find resources for in-person engagements, networking opportunities, virtual and live events.

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Building Your Professional Community

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Whether you want to explore on your own, meet new people, get tips on networking, find a resource to review your resume or CV, we're here to support you build your community and share information.

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Industry Professionals

This is the place where industry professionals find out the best programs and connect with others.

Community Engagement

We'll share with the most popular ways people are creating and accessing communities.

Diverse Groups

If we're always in the same social settings, surrounded by the same people, then we're only learning from those like us. 

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The Path To a Better Connections

Community Membership

The community membership gives you access to other professionals who share their expertise.

You might find access to new groups to join, courses, webinars, and training. 

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Resume Review

Community members may offer these services to help you build a resume. 

Looking to change careers? Get career transition tips.

Industry experts can give you unique insights into applying for your next new gig.

Professional Networking

Ask to be introduced to someone! Reach out to new members. Curious about finding a mentor or coach?

Schedule a 1:1, and we'll work to find your place in the community.

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