Inbound Marketing Consultant Services

We are inbound marketing consultants. Here at Rachael’s Ink, we stay updated on current trends and education around online marketing techniques. Biannually we update our inbound marketing certification by HubSpot, the leader in this methodology, to stay current in a fast-paced, ever-changing online environment.

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We work with clients to create thorough online marketing strategies by applying the inbound methodology.

strategic inbound methodology


Customers are supplied with all of the necessary tools and tactics to ensure their strategies align with their SMART goals.

design and execute your inbound marketing


As you execute your strategy, we’ll help you to measure, test, and analyze your results.

Why Inbound Marketing?

The inbound marketing methodology is the most customer-centric approach to marketing. It’s all about making sure that you attract, convert, and delight your customers.

  • Attract (You have a solution to their problem – blog; social media post)
  • Engage (They read more than three emails, blog posts, or download content)
  • Convert (Sign-up/buy your product or service)
  • Delight (You provide them even more)

The methodology is the process of generating leads through:

  • Content marketing
  • Targeting your ideal customer
  • Knowing when and how to reach your ideal customer
  • Apply SMART Goals

After all, what’s the point of taking all this time to market your product or service online if you aren’t going to generate leads and grow your business?

Together, we evaluate your target audience, discuss how an individual becomes a lead, set goals, determine which social platforms, and so much more.

Whether you’re exploring a full-on inbound marketing methodology or exploring its components as an option in your online outreach efforts, we can help.

Let’s build something together.