INBOUND 2018: Fully Loaded and Ready to Go!

If you didn’t walk away from INBOUND18 with new knowledge, a renewed sense of excitement and motivation, and the refreshing spring of friendships, then you missed out! No one wants FOMO, so I attend each year because this one event that I have a fear of missing out on for sure!

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah are an inspiration to inbound marketers and are continually innovating to make our lives easier to manage when handling inbound marketing for our clients. They offer many free products within the platform and sometimes seem to have a crystal ball into the future of Inbound Marketing. Maybe that’s because they appear to be driving that train.

I walked away with a few important lessons that I’d love to share with you.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Rand Fishkin, the founder of Sparktoro, and previously co-founder of Moz, also happens to be one of my favorite presenters that always delivers informative and useful advice provided 7 lessons for entrepreneurs at this year’s INBOUND by HubSpot in Boston.

We need more entrepreneurs was a message that I heard loud and clear! Did you know there are fewer starts up today than there were in the last 40 years or so? That’s astounding when it sometimes feels like everyone is running their own side business and striving towards entrepreneurship.

His 7 lessons and you can watch the entire presentation and learn about them all in the link above, but I’m going to highlight a couple of things that jumped out at me:

  • HUSTLE – but don’t. You do not have to work endless hours to succeed.
  • You do NOT need to be a UNICORN – jump in – find your niche (one thing) and do it VERY well.
  • Do not add components, services, or features if you do not need to – it can KILL your growth rate, and you may not fully recover.
  • Stories make the brand better than benefits and features.

The Neuroscience of Engagement

This presenter and topic just BLEW MY MIND! 

Harvey Beaks Mind Blown GIF by Nickelodeon - Find & Share on GIPHY
My mind is blown… just like this guy.

Carmen Simon of Memzy shared with us about the human brain and how it interacts and engages with marketing. If you are at all curious about how people understand and comprehend the work that you do, this is a presentation you may want to check out.

You’ve probably heard that the human attention span is down to that of less than a goldfish. Well, throw that right out the window because it is a MYTH.

The human mind gets BORED quickly, which means us marketers need to think differently about our medium.

She says we should change up what our audience sees every 2.4 seconds on average.


  • Get in deep
  • Challenge their mind and they’ll stay on the page
  • Complexity is KEY.

It’s your Origin Story

I believe wholeheartedly that true authenticity comes from certain honesty with yourself.

For brands, it’s how we humanize our brand, by sharing our adversity, our failures and how we’ve overcome them.

You can read my origin story here.

If you ever get the opportunity to attend INBOUND by HubSpot, go, it is a must. You’ll meet new people from all over the world. You’ll have a chance to experience inbound marketing like never before. 

My greatest piece of advice to you if you plan to attend in 2019, is to read through the descriptions of the sessions and go to what is going to be most beneficial to you in the coming year.

If you want to learn more about how inbound and content marketing can work for you, please book a time with me at your convenience here.

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