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Blogging & Overcoming the Blank Screen

Blogger’s blank screen, writer’s block, whatever you wish to call it. That’s it, and it’s daunting. The cursor flashes on the screen – waiting, waiting for you to start tapping on the keyboard. What should you say? What do you know?

Every idea you’ve had, every thought about what to write disappears. It transforms into fear. What if I’m wrong, what if people disagree, what if people like it? These are all fears and hopes that come with writing.

In a few steps, we’ll overcome these issues, so you write content people like and want.

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Brainstorming Paves the Way to Blogging

Brainstorming your topics is the best way to get started. Writing what you know about makes it all that much easier. There are many ways to brainstorm:

  • Freewriting
  • Listing
  • Clustering

Each of these opens your mind to think freely and gather thoughts and ideas.

In my mind, freewriting can be a part of the brainstorming process. It can also be a part of the writing process, especially when completing the first draft. More on that below.

Listing topics is another way to track your ideas. Not all topics will be worth writing, but a list gives a better sense of what’s meaningful. Keep what you like, and move forward.

Clustering, like listing, involves connecting related topics to a central theme. The approach is good for developing an outline.

Even these quick tips are enough to put letters to the page, and release the writers block.

Brainstorm in Cursive

Writing in cursive triggers your brain to think differently because it requires different cognitive skills and areas of the mind to be active. Benefits of writing in cursive include:

  • Promotes creativity
  • Enhances critical thinking
  • Brainstorm easier

Those are a few promising ways cursive can help, the information is convincing enough for me to try it, so why not you? What will it hurt?

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Keep Track of Spontaneous Content Ideas

  • Keep a journal with you
  • Use your phone’s notepad or voice recording
  • Ask your smartphone assistant to record the note for you

Often ideas come to me when I’m driving – so writing is out of the question, but asking my phone to note my idea works well too!

Music Can Promote Creative Works

Music can help you to avoid the blogger’s blank screen. Sit back, sit quietly, and listen to some of your favorite music.

How does it make you feel? Are concepts coming to mind that would pique the interest of your audience?

We know that music can boost creativity. Enjoy your favorite tunes, turn it up, and jot down your ideas.

Listening to music in your writing process can:

  • Can help you focus
  • Affect the tone of your messaging
  • Affect the cadence of your text

When your writing your first draft listen to some tunes and zero in on your blog.

Beating the Blank Screen of Blogging

With brainstormed ideas, narrow down a topic that benefits the audience. Create an outline and arrange the subtopics to maintain the focus and add or eliminate sections that fit the content.

Consider asking:

  • Does the topic will benefit your audience?
  • What benefits do the takeaway?

Doing so makes sure it’s audience-centric, because if it doesn’t, then why bother?

Begin writing until you have a draft that is meaningful and knowledgeable. Try writing your first draft in cursive, see if it helps – it can’t hurt.

Don’t worry about the quality, or grammar yet? Who cares? The first step is getting your thoughts down on paper.

Next, transfer your handwritten draft to your computer and begin the editing process. Stay tuned for more because the editing process is where you make your work shine.

Would you look at that? You’ve overcome the blogging blank screen!

Blogging is one of the first forms of content marketing available to all businesses with a website. It’s an opportunity to show your expertise, so tell the world!

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